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England man dies from dehydration… in a hospital!

Posted by ekkin on Monday, March 8, 2010

So I have no link and everything I am about to day is based in what my husband told me. Apparently there was a young man, early twenties who was immobile and in the hospital. The doctors and nurses refused to give him water and he did not have an IV. He became so desperate for water he began to fight with the nurses and even called to police. When the police arrived they were told by the doctors that they had everything under control. By the time his mother visited he was delirious and unable to communicate what was wrong with him to her. She thought he was just sick. He eventually died from dehydration brought on by neglect of professionals meant to save patients. There will or are charges of corporate manslaughter. I hope the people directly involved are put in prison and the hospital is so heavily sued it has to close. Can you believe this? In the year 2010 a man can die from having a basic life necessity kept from him… In a hospital.


One Response to “England man dies from dehydration… in a hospital!”

  1. James said

    The headline was on the Drudge Report today, and may still be there. The British medical care system is running out of money, and this is only one example of harm it has done to people.

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