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Wow… so…

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I haven’t been on this blog in forever. I am going to start blogging again for reasons that will be later stated, but I was thinking of starting completely over. Now partially due to laziness and the other part due to the fact that I won’t have to start from scratch.

On to the reason I am starting again… my husband is deploying. Sucky suck face! But, let’s be real, I am no idiot and knew this would eventually happen (though the head in the sand bit was fun while it lasted). So blogging is my current solution for not going insane. Right now, he is only in the field and will be back in a couple weeks. Then NTC for the entire month of April, then *GULP* the big trip in June. My first task for my blog/sanity is “My List”. Yes, I love my 100 lists (though some amendments must be made on my first one). This may go over 100, perhaps it won’t even reach one hundred, I don’t care, but I am going to compile a to-do list of sorts. I am taking the year to find myself, my own interests and talents. And whatever other wacky crap I can come up with. And you can help! Because I have no idea what to put on there!! Well, I have a few things… anyway, go to my “To-do List” page and comment your idea. Then of course once he is gone, I will start going through the list completely, or trying to complete it, within the year of his deployment.

I am also going to resume my daily ranting, because this place totally pisses me off and I have no outlet. Yea.


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