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Hmmmm, Mr. horn

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So if you don’t know who Mr. Horn is or what in the Hell I am talking about, you can google it because I haven’t the energy to update you. I just want to give a short opinion on this case. I am all for gun rights, of course, I am at the very end of the right side, uber-conservative. But something I read about this case has me going, huh…. Granted I only read one story about it, but this is America and I can act like I know every fact when in fact I know nothing at all. ANYWAY, it said the assumed burglars were shot in the back and killed….. but Mr. Horn said (and the jury accepted this) that he shot them when they entered his yard and threatened him. I don’t know anyone who would threatened someone, with a gun nonetheless, with their back turned. Unless you are a sixteen year old girl enforcing the deadly hairflip. Though in that case, shooting her in the back would be nothing less than fucking hilarious. That is all.


One Response to “Hmmmm, Mr. horn”

  1. James said

    It seems funny to me too. I heard one account where he said the pair had threatened him before they turned around and left. But still, if they were walking away, they can’t have been threatening when he shot them.

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