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So I support Hiliary Clinton??

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Below is an email I received today, though I am not sure why or how…. Everyone who knows me would say that Hiliary Clinton is at least in my top ten most hated people. There are various reasons starting with I don’t like hypocrites/liars and ending somewhere around, she couldn’t even keep her husband by her side, why should I trust her with my country…. Anyway, I copy and pasted this ridiculous email here for you and in bold next to the different comments are my own opinions, that of course were not originally in the email sent to me. Enjoy!

Dear Heather,

I want to personally thank you for all you’ve done to support my campaign. (I have done nothing… oh wait. Remember when you were in San Antonio? I was walking on the Riverwalk and I laughed at a few of your supporters, does that count?) It is critical that we stay in touch as fast-moving events shape this important election.

With the Pennsylvania primary approaching on April 22 and important states following soon after, I need your involvement now more than ever. The stakes couldn’t be higher, as you well know.

If we want to end the war in Iraq,( I am married to a soldier in the US Army and I fully support the war and President Bush’s effort to give those people a fresh start with a better government) restore America’s reputation in the world,( If so many people hate us, we must being doing something right. Most countries that hate us are religious nut jobs that resent our freedom of religion which I support)rebuild the middle class,( I am middle class and quite content. Maybe you should worry about the people below poverty line. They are the ones using money out of our paychecks to sit on their lazy butts while we work to support their families)reform our government,( I like my government. No it’s not perfect, but I would rather vote Bush back in for four more years, than have another Clinton screwing up (or in) office) and provide affordable health care for all,( I have affordable health care. I am sorry for those out there who don’t, but I am NOT willing to sacrifice not only my hard earned money or quality of care for socialized health care) we need to work together. The Republicans can’t provide America with the clean break and fresh start we so urgently need. ( Yes they can, vote Mccain!)

But we can — and that’s what this campaign is all about. So let’s show everyone what we can accomplish together. Here’s one thing you can do: display my special gift to you today — a “Hillary for President” bumper sticker! ( Hahahahahahaha! I would rather have a kick me sign on the back of my shirt, it would be about the same affect)

Click here to get a bumper sticker you can display with pride. *** This link is disabled. If you want a Clinton bumper sticker, you shouldn’t be reading my blog. If you would like a good bumper sticker Click Here)

And I hope you will also take a few minutes to visit We work hard to make sure it delivers all the information you need — from my vision for America to videos from the campaign trail to a full range of opportunities for you to get even more involved.

Once again, thanks so much for standing with me — and make sure you sign up for your “Hillary for President” bumper sticker today.

Show your family, friends, and neighbors that you support my campaign for change by displaying a “Hillary for President” bumper sticker.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Maybe you should be a little more in depth with your mailing lists and maybe you should reconsider purchasing them online. I know you had to have done so otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up with my email address. I am very very very conservative. Alot say that I am so right wing that I am wrong. I wouldn’t agree, of course, but I am strong in my beliefs and you, Hiliary Clinton, stand for everything I would NEVER elect to be my leader. You are the image that comes to mind in my nightmares about the fall of this great nation and it will be a cold day in November for me if you get elected, actually Hell might just freeze over.


2 Responses to “So I support Hiliary Clinton??”

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptShow your family, friends, and neighbors that you support my campaign for change by displaying a “Hillary for President” bumper sticker. Sincerely, Hillary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Maybe you should be a little more in depth with your … Read the rest of this great post here […]

  2. Cliff said


    I don’t know who you are and I don’t really know how I got here. Well…actually, I saw a stupid bulletin on myspace (which, for the record I never repost) that I received from my cousin and I googled it and clicked on your repsonse and you know how internet searches can lead you to randomness…blah, blah, blah…

    Anyway, I just felt compelled to say ‘kudos to your site!’ I like what I read and thank you for your husbands service.


    PS. I am inclined to browse your site more-hope you don’t mind. The snow here where I live is turning me into a hermit…It won’t go away, I think I have cabin fever!

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