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Madeline Neumann- Wisconsin

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, March 27, 2008

I was eating dinner tonight and saw this on the tv. Couldn’t really read it, but when I got home I googled it and found out what is going on. Apparently she died at 11 years old from a treatable disease. Her parents were not aware of the disease because instead of taking her to a doctor they tried to heal her through prayer. Let me say this first… I am NOT going to criticize these people or their beliefs. Do I think what they did was wrong? As a mother, yes, but I am not in their shoes. I believe in God and I have faith, but I also know that God is responsible for the advances in modern medicine that we seek to heal ourselves. I believe that prayer is important but so is medical attention. I also personally know another family that went through a similar thing. A child of theirs died that they believed they could heal with prayer. For the sake of their privacy and our friendship that is all I will say. It is sad that this happened and my heart goes out to this family. You may not understand why this happened, but do not lay blame. They were only loving their child in the best way they knew. Hopefully, they will take responsibility for their actions, but I hope their “punishment” should end with having lost their child.


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