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hmmm…. Carmen who works for Winstead??

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not that this really matters and it only proves how utterly bored I am, but I decided to see what I could drag up out of the internet about this “Carmen Winstead”. Keep in mind it’s already been proven (as stated in my previous post) that this is false. One she never died, there’s no information on this incident, so no it didn’t happen in Indiana, nothing happens there, I should know I married someone from there and then moved him far away, lol. ANYWAY, now I want to find the origins. Of course with this first bit of information I am about to give to you guys could be complete coincidence… But if not, it’s genius. If you are going to start a stupid chain letter, wouldn’t you in some way incorporate an enemy? Yeah, I am babbling. And this is complete bullshit, I am going to put that disclaimer first and foremost before posting this. Not to say I am making it up, but I am not saying that it is a “clue”. Maybe just a hilarious coincidence… ANYWAY, I googled “Carmen Winstead” AGAIN, and dug a little deeper than the first few links that most people would gravitate to so the sake of less time spent. I found a link for a girl named Carmen who works for a company called “Winstead”…. coincidence? Even so I thought it was interesting. I would do it, lol. Hmmmmm, a story about a guy named Army Lee…. well, that won’t work, but you suck. Smile. I just wrote a post… you are so freaking lucky.


One Response to “hmmm…. Carmen who works for Winstead??”

  1. DawnShiningonManProtection said

    :D Maybe the makers of the Winstead stories knew a chick named carmen who worked for Winstead, so thy came up with this. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make a chain letter ^-^

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