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Carmen Winstead update

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, March 27, 2008

My previous article

This is an update for everyone who has been reading my post about Carmen Winstead. In my comments I saw a few people saying that the incident actually happened in Indiana….WRONG. There was never a death involving a Carmen Winstead in Indiana. Further proving this urban legend more wrong, not that I believed it in the first place. Also, though I posted this a while back, my husband is still alive after not reposting this. So go get some sleep and stop being so naive!

Here’s the link to snopes stating that the incident never happened. Click here


36 Responses to “Carmen Winstead update”

  1. […] by ekkin on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 03/27/08-UPDATE for you guys click here Body: THEY FUCKED HER […]

  2. Samantha said

    this is wrong why believe this??? story i agree with the nikki girl!

  3. beckie said

    theres also the exact same story like word for word except in place of the name carmen winstead theres jessica something its so stupid i’m fed up of all these YOU’LL DIE bullitens its sick.

  4. Louise said

    it’s annoying me lol it’s still going on it’s moved to facebook someone might as well just make up another story i would though like to know when and were the first time it was posted

  5. blake said

    ya this si gay i didnt post but i did hear a noise and my mom woke up worried about me when i was at my brothers house and she forgot what a coinsidence

  6. SassyAG said

    Its a fake. Don’t worry. Why would someone kill you if they dided by 5 girls? WOuldn’t they just kill them? Unless ur the 5 girls lol. xD This is just some crap.

  7. Mabs said

    I reckon it’s a total fake, I mean come on, pushed into a sewer? And it’s so stupid because there’s a stupid little chain mail going around saying that she’ll come and kill you if you don’t send it on, and that they have proof cause some ‘randoms’ recieved the chain and within hours were found dead…wtf!

    Sorry about the little rant, I had to say something it was starting to annoy me. Lol

  8. Ok so I have read quite a few of these do or die e-mails. I have not yet re-posted one of them. I am still alive and kickin. I did what everyone else did though and went and googled the name. Oh and I came accross all of this. Hmm? Kids need to stop playing on an adult website. Thats all I got to say about that.

  9. Yes its fake but DAMN, Wouldn’t that be messed up if something did happen like this and it came all back to haunt our asses..LOL

    BUT yeah ITS FAKE~!!..LOL

  10. I also hate these damn chain letters

  11. Convict said

    I’m always searching for things like that but i don’t believe in that its just a myth!

  12. they scare me ahhhhh

  13. Z said

    Hmm. If I die in mysterious or tragic circumstances, I think I’ll get someone to start a chain e-mail about it threatening people who don’t repost it. Then, from the afterlife, I’ll see how many suckers forward it. XD

  14. Ancient Boomer said

    Most the jobs i put down manholes are killed first although one tough old broad moaned and i hadda go finish her with a knife ’cause she didn’t break her neck.

  15. chalsea mansanaras said

    i always forward those things cuz i ascared

  16. brooke said

    this is crap if this happened at school the teachers would get her out and carmen would have been screaming anyways i didnt forward this and im alive wooo if u believe this u believe in ghosts and GOD CONTROLLS EVERYTHING THINGS HAPPEN 4 A REASON

  17. Brenda said

    I used to send them but then found it was kind of a dumb thing that you waste time doing only because people have nothing better to do like the send to ten ppl or you’ll have bad luck hell I have that anyways LOL

  18. Diana4mi said

    OMG u guys of course its fake! I got this email 2 weeks ago and I’m totaly heathly. Plus why would a girl come and kill u just cuz someone else killed her?… RANDOM! Don’t send that junk to other people it’s a waste of time. Just have a little laugh at the stupidity of it all and then delete it. Don’t let the stupid stuff scare ya. ;-)

  19. Carmen Winstead said

    WHAT??!! Who started this stupid rumor?? I’M ALIVE AND WELL!!!! Ya some kids tried to open a sewer to push me down a it but the lid was feakin bolted to the ground! Why is there a chain mail goin around about it?! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

  20. dalejrs.girl said

    yes i got scared and i sent it but did you know their texting this now i got it 2 days ago and was scared yes but i had the guts to google it and this is wat i found so go on with your lives i mean look at the comment above me shes alive jk XD lol

  21. dalejrs.girl said

    they now have videos on you tube its stupid go to you tube and search carmen winstead its bull crap i think they need to stop tellin people this like you would really go kill someone when you were killed by 5 girls so wat evea and guess wat jessica not real either they sent it out in two ways duh carmen and jessica wat else is new

  22. lfrog said

    if you really died after reading this, how would anyone even know you hadn’t reposted the story? its not like people are going to go through your emails after you died, they’re dealing with a lot of more important stuff then a bunch of junk mail.

  23. QT;) said

    I recently got a txt about this and in the forward about her it said that it was real and to even google it if i didn’t believe it so thats what i did and all i got was info that it was totally fake and there are no news stories about her. WOW. Whoever made that forward is really dumb.

  24. QT;) said

    The dumb ppl that did that to scare other ppl are the ones that make society suck.

  25. Miranda said

    Dude, it was kinda freaky at first but do u rlly and TRULY BELIEVE all of this happended??? maybe something related to it but u no how ppl r and they probabally just kept adding on to the true story sooo idk rlly wat 2 believe!! soo stop being freaked out about stuff u werent there to witness!!

  26. Miranda said


  27. DawnShiningonManProtection said

    T_T I highly doubt that that link is something true

  28. Louise said

    well it did happen in europe i googled it and came up with all the ghost stories and the only other one i saw was the one in europe. thats all i had to say but the killing thing never happened they just died in karma thats all!

  29. kirsty said

    i cant believe how long this has gone on for…i just got the email tonite and im not reposting it…and believe me i am not the brave type….just dont believe in all these ghost stories…its bull shit….its crazy that everyone believes it….and not only that but they send the email to they’re friends so they obviously dont care very much for them!! lol

  30. kirsty said

    its the same kinda shite as ‘if u fall in ur dreams and hit the ground u will die’….how the fuck wud anyone know what u were dreaming about if u were dead?? hahaha….i love how stupid some ppl r….lol

  31. Karen said

    this has started circulating again, i recieved a text about this a few hours ago and tbh i am sick of all this stupid “u will die” shit!!!

    cant believe there are idiots who forward this…get a grip ppl…hav u all nothing better 2 do with ur time??

  32. masha said

    hay carmen she really is real because i talk to her on and she is cool.

  33. masha said

    omg when will she ever get me omg.

  34. lol said

    wow y r peeps still commenting on this 4 years after it was proved fake!!

  35. christine aldred said

    I believe bullyin is wrong I know I was

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