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Why you might possibly suck…

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You have seriously consider voting for Obama or Hiliary…. or maybe even that Ron Paul guy.

You don’t like Oreos. If you don’t like oreos you are un-American and therefore suck.

You roll one side of your jeans up. And if you tie a bandanna around it, go ahead and kill yourself.

You don’t know who Maddox is.

You are a female rights supporter…. we already have those dipshits.

You like Al Gore, read his books and live by his hypocrisy.

You read my blog.

Some random shizznit for you guys. I am so bored and have no life therefore I have nothing to write about. The only post anyone reads is one I posted in November. Why do we blog? Because we might possibly suck….


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