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This “Sista” is a walking stereotype

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is fucking hilarious! I am moving to San Antonio and looking up apartment reviews for the area (there will be more posts later on this week, because I love the words “ghetto” “welfare” and “prostitute” when trying to find a place to raise my children). Anyway, back on point. I found this apartment and it seems harmless enough and I go to read the reviews. There are 71 responses and it’s 59% recommended. This might not seem good to you, but after reviewing over 300 apartments, this place looks like fucking gold. ANYWAY, here’s one of the “bad” comments for why you should not live here. I think this is something else, I am still fucking laughing and I JUST HAD to share it with you…aren’t you special.

My hair fell out…

From: gonebald
Date posted: 10/6/2006
Years at this apartment: 2006 – 2006

ugh! they always turning the waters off…i was perming my hair and trying to hook it up, like all sista’s should do…and they cut the water off…by the time it was time for me to rinse my hair out…the water wasnt back on. i had to use punch from the fridge to rinse my hair out and that wasnt nice. not only did my hair fall out, but i’ve got red kool-aide spots tinted to my scalp.

She’s got some red juice spots on her head!! That’s AWESOME!!!!


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