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lonely lonely me….

Posted by ekkin on Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lee is gone! He left this morning for a field exercise and won’t be back for a while freaking week. It’s only the first day and I am miserable! I think it’s worse this time because I am pregnant and emotional. I want my freaking husband now! At least I have somethings to occupy my mind with, like packing, since we are moving to SAN ANTONIO!!! Yeah, that’s exciting. Still miss Lee….


One Response to “lonely lonely me….”

  1. James said

    “I feel your pain.” When I was in the service, my wife and I didn’t get to see each other for a year and a half. We got married, and I was deployed again. We didn’t see each other for another four months.

    Listen to the words of “Unchained Melody” and you know how we felt.

    At least your separation is almost over.

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