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What luck…

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I know there’s a previous post that I wrote about my bad luck with vehicles when the transmission went out in my brand new car, but let’s refresh AND catch up. When Lee and I first got married we had a van. We were on our way to Fort Hood from Indianapolis, right outside of Tulsa, OK, and the van started slowing down. I would press the gas, but nothing would had. All of a sudden SMOKE. And A LOT of it. We pulled over and waited for over an hour for someone to tow us off this big freaking freeway to the nearest town. Once the vehicle was looked over we were told it would take $3000 to fixe, which is more than the damn thing is worth. So we sold it for $400 to a mechanic and my parents drove up there and brought us to Fort Hood. Once we got here, we got a Honda Accord and we both LOVED this car. When Grace was a month or so old, we were on our way to my doctor’s appointment. We turned left at the intersection and someone ran the red light, T-boning us and totaling our freaking car. After the insurance screwed up leaving us only $500 after paying off the Honda, we got the 2006 Nissan. We had the BRAND NEW car for only a few months when we were on our way back from Kirbyville (my hometown), might I had on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY (and my husband is the BIGGEST Colts fan, he’s from Indy, duh) and the car starting doing what the van did, wouldn’t go no matter how hard I pressed the gas. Yep, the fucking transmission on our brand new car was gone. We had to pay for a hotel room, out of pocket, in the middle of freaking no where, watch the most important game in my husband’s life on a small ass tv and cancel our Super Bowl party we had planned. Then we had to ride in a single cab tow truck two hours to Houston with my cruched up in Lee’s lap. Oh, and we had to pay for the rental car that time. Then a little while after that, we were parked in the laundry mat parking lot (now I have a washer and dryer, Thank goodness!) when a guy took out our car door (and nearly me). He was backing up and I was standing by the car with the door open. I didn’t even see when, all of a sudden, CRUNCH! He bent our door freaking backwards before I could stop him. Yeah, so we get that fixed and then we decided to trade the car in for something bigger because we are expanding our family. We trade it in for a 2003 Dodge Durango. We had the vehicle not even three weeks and one day it wouldn’t start. Luckily it was just the battery and the people we purchased it from bought us a new one. We only had to pay for towing. This was only two weeks or so ago, and guess what happened today?? I get in my car this morning to take Grace to school, and the check engine light comes on. So I am like, I am going to drive it anyway, Grace has to go, right? Well, that didn’t work, especially when I started to smell fumes and see smoke! Grace got to school, but Lee’s SGT. had to go pick her up for us. SO yeah, the Durango is fucked. That is four vehicles in two years!

Life sucks.


One Response to “What luck…”

  1. yunahalo said

    So, does this mean that ya’ll aren’t coming down soon? :( Call me later.

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