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I just don’t get it….or care (about Halo 3)

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, September 25, 2007

okay, I am not one for video games, there I admit it, I am completely untouched by the movement known as Halo 3. Well, As untouched as you can be when you have friends and family that play (Obsess, I should say and you know who you are!!). Let me explain why. I cannot play Halo, Halo2 and am not even considering attempting Halo3. I can play Super Nintendo, a little Sega, but that’s it. With the xbox, you have to use those little joysticks to move, and both of them at that. I always end up stuck in a corner looking at the floor. And should I get a little control of my player, forget ANY chance that I may be able to shoot anyone. I tried the whole aiming thing, and even with my husband standing completely still and not shooting at me within touching distance, I still freaking miss. I have to say my usual move, when I do play, which is like three or four times total, I hide in some sort of corner so people can’t sneak up on me, then when I see someone, I starting spinning in a circle and shooting, in hopes that one of my random bullets should hit and kill my attacker. Unfortunately, as all you Halo fans know, this is not a winning strategy. I have only hit maybe two people doing this and neither died. I must say if it weren’t for sticky grenades and the eventual learning of how not to stick them to myself and committing suicide, I would not have the three or four kills that I have accomplished in my short Halo career. I do however get to brag because there is one Halo activity I am “good” at. I believe it’s called King of the Hill?? Yes, I can actually win at this because everyone thinks I freaking suck (and I do) so they are so busy killing each other, they don’t even notice little old me standing in the circle. Anyway, my whole rant started this morning because I didn’t get any sleep (and I guess neither did die hard Halo fans) and I had to take my husband early to formation something to do with the range and on the way there and back all I wanted to do was listen to music but all the radio wanted to do was talk about Halo 3. And don’t give me any crap about cds……I didn’t think about it.

Anyway, I think they should make a new Super Nintendo so I can get one without paying $100. Or someone can give me one. That would be awesome.


2 Responses to “I just don’t get it….or care (about Halo 3)”

  1. yunahalo said

    You’re lucky that I found this completely hilarious! Don’t worry, this game is so awesome that even just watching us play will be highly entertaining!

  2. hey i feel , you are so lucky that you are not addicted to it , ask me , how tough it is , to get rid of it sometimes !

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