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Karma’s a bitch and I hope this person dies

Posted by ekkin on Sunday, September 23, 2007

I just read this on a myspace group for military wives. This is exactly what was posted, except I erased the stupid bitch’s myspace URL, upon realizing (because she basically says so on her profile) that this is a complete publicity stunt. I hope this fucking bitch dies and burns in hell. I am literally seeing red at this very moment. What a heartless stupid…. There are NO words to even describe this person. They are a complete embarrassment to human kind.

Ashley passed this along in a bulletin. She came across some girl who has a major freakin problem! Check it out!


the girls myspace:
not telling


*mine didnt knock me up married me and then leave. mine is home with me right now! he has been with me EVERY night he would never leave me to go work for the government, make a family and abandon them for 4 years or more because thats what signing up for that shit does. when was the last time u saw ur man cause mine is in my bed.

* guys that know they are going to the marines and the navy and air force always knock a bitch up and marry them so they can make more money and dump their asses when they get back your just there to cook can clean till he gets back

*my LOVE is in OUR bed right now sleeping so he can go to work tomorrow u know a normal monday through friday job that real americans have oh wait u wouldnt know thats right u dont work ur a lonely little housewife at least i dont have to worry if my boyfriend is going to get shot to death everyday i know he will ALWAYS come

*i know a shit load of people that have went into the marines doesnt make u a man. being at home and working for a living for ur family is being a man

* ur just bored because u have no life because ur man is in iraq and probably wont come home and mines already home and u are jealous of that, u are jealous cause u cant have ur man every day of the week and that makes u bored with nothing to do. go suck bush off and beg for ur LITTLE yeah thats right i didnt forget LITTLE man to come back ALIVE. bush is still in office shipping the morons that can use a pen to sign away their lives back to iraq.

*good luck with bush not killing ur man off…oh wait that will give u a settlement so u can have money and go find another desprate man to marry so he can make more money while he gets shipped off… respectable relationship comes from people in the army cause they guys are too busy not worrying about u and more worried about the other girls he cums in contact along the way…hahahaha i bet ur husband is beating the shit out of some random nieve girls vagina

* u are too busy worrying if u husband is going to come home. he probably already got shot by a towel head. its a good thing there are morons like ur husbands to take the fall and get shot so we can keep living our happy lives :-) so thanks for being a moron and letting ur husband die so mine can live another day. next guy u send over there tell them to hit mexico next time that place needs to be shook up a bit americas already lost too many idiots there are running out of dicks for u to suck.


4 Responses to “Karma’s a bitch and I hope this person dies”

  1. elmo76544 said

    “at least i dont have to worry if my boyfriend is going to get shot to death everyday.”

    After posting something like that I would be more worried about me getting shot to death everyday. There really are a lot ignorant, ungrateful, lowlifes in this world. Also, after reading the post I am convinced that the girl who wrote it either dropped out of school in third grade or is mentally retarded due to excessive drug consumption. More likely than not she is just trying to get a reaction out of people. It worked bitch. Maybe I’ll be seeing you soon…in a dark alley…your bathroom…behind you right now. Just kidding about that last part but murder would feel really good right now.

  2. James said

    That jerk will get hers eventually. Karma may not be a hundred percent but it does work. Consider the Kathy Griffin forum. Many of the people who caused so much trouble a year ago are gone.

    Something big happened after I left . Some one who had been banned asked me to check in to leave a message. It was like a different message board. Most of the old names were gone.

    There was a “battle to the death” this week, and more were banned or got angry and quit. Some of the old names have returned to a more peaceful site. People can still get nasty, but the moderators are watching.

    I hope that woman meets with a similar misfortune only much worse.

    Karma, Priceless.

  3. terri said

    wow i’m not one for the c word but that bitch is a fucking cunt! Totally agree on the she needs to die thing! I actually had a similar situation. A friend of mine had a girl tell her she hoped her husband died in Iraq!! I wanted to fly to new york and punch her in her stupid face!

  4. Brian said

    Well lets remember that thanks to people like your husband Lee,my brother Jeremiah,the love of my life Sarah and many others like them this idiot has the right to post stupid ideas such as hers.Do i hope she dies no but I have this to say be careful what you say or wish on others because it might come back to bite you in the ass.Thank you to all these supposed “Little men” who take it upon themselves to sacrifice there family lives so that others can live and speak freely.They are the REAL MEN that this country needs

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