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Am I judgmental or do people just suck?

Posted by ekkin on Saturday, September 22, 2007

Okay, I am not going to lay out the whole situation, just know that it was myspace and not face to face. But when I first “met” this girl, her introduction was horrible. She told me a little bit about herself and kids in like two sentences and then wrote a paragraph about everything she hated. People who play loud music, etc. And all I could think was what a good way to make friends, making your self sound like a total bitch. Then of course she proceeded to ruin any chance of our being friends with the last few sentences of her unasked for and unwarranted rant. “I am for animal rights, but I eat meat….I am pro-choice and support gay marriages”….

I knew then that I was dealing with a bitchy liberal. No thank you. Besides, what’s the point of trying to be friends with someone like that. I already know that the first thing that would happen if we werew to meet in person would be an argument, because you have to agree with me that someone who write all that in their INTRODUCTION, then they probably talk nonstop about it in person. And we are complete opposite. I KNOW PETA is a bullshit organization (I don’t support PETA, but I do believe in animal rights.), I am Pro-life all the way (VERY strong about that) AND I support civil union. Us getting together would either end with us sitting there completely in silence, or us fighting, because you know how hot headed I can be, especially when it comes to baby killers. Blah. THe point was, this was in a myspace group, she ended up being rude to me and a few others and everyone basically told her that she should shut up and she left the group. Yeah! I didn’t have to delete her, which I must say was my first instinct.

Does that make judgmental or do people just suck?


One Response to “Am I judgmental or do people just suck?”

  1. elyssa said

    Ahahahahaha i know who your talkin bout……. she does suck

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