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I am so lucky…people want to rip me off!

Posted by ekkin on Friday, August 24, 2007

Okay, you know those horror stories that you here about people getting ripped off from false lottery winnings? Urban legend, right? WRONG. Because I just got one, yea! Can’t take a pic though, my camera is still broken and I am still pissed, but that’s a different story. Anyway, here’s how it works. They sent me a VERY believable check (it looks real, I swear, hopefully I can get some pics of it soon) for $3,275. Here’s what they want you to do, deposit the check into your bank, send them $3,100 of your own REAL money to them for some sort of international clearance fees (the check came from Canada) so they can send you another check for $250,000 that you somehow won through their lottery. A lottery I might add that I never entered or bought a ticket for. Still sounds tempting? Well, here’s what would happen if I were an idiot and did it. I would deposit this check into my bank, send them the money only to find out a few weeks later (longer or shorter depending on your bank) that the check was NOT real and you now owe your bank $3100! Yeah, that’s fucked up. Anyway, we are taking the return address on the envelope (clue #1…there’s an address but no name) and the check and letter and turning it over to the authorities. If I am not mistaken that would considered…..hmmm…Fraud?? Also I am sure there some other things you can tack on to it, international fraud and mail fraud, since they are using the US postal to rip of American citizens. So that’s about the gist of everything, as soon as we know more, so will you!


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