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So Jesus’s face is on the floor of your garage?

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, August 9, 2007

And you sold the piece of concrete for over $1500? You are a tool and if it was Jesus, you just pissed him off. You put a price on your Lord Savior. And to the idiot that bought it, you dumbass. Anyone can see that it’s a picture of Maddox with a beard. The imprint is defiantly a pirate, look at the eye patch, totally gives it away. So if I were Maddox I would be sueing for my share. Anyway, here’s proof, I am posting pics of the imprint, Jesus, and Maddox. You decide:

Here’s the imprint of “Jesus” on this guys garage floor

Here’s a typical picture of Christ

Here’s Maddox

Now come on, you see it don’t you??


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