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Television is SOOOOoOo BAD

Posted by ekkin on Sunday, June 24, 2007

I was reading my “What to Expect in the First Year” book this morning because I was curious as to letting Grace watch her cartoons in the morning. Usually she watched two shows in the morning which is nice because it gives me a sec to wake up. Anyway, there was a special section just for this concern and it had some interesting information that I would like to share with you. Apparentlythe average amount of television watched is 25 hours a week. If you fall into this average, by the time you graduate (or graduated) high school, you have watched @ 15,000 hours, 4,000 more hours than you spent in school. I know, who cares, but I about to get to the interesting part. If you/your child’s veiwing isn’t carefully screened, you have witnessed at least 18,000 murders, countless robberies, rapes, bombings, beatings and more casual sex than you could imagine or even have yourself. Also, she will have been targeted by over 350,000 commericals trying to spend MY money. I hate the tv now. It’s out to get me!… NOT! I am what we call a good mother. My child watchs only baby shows, currently Blues Clues, and Wonder Pets when we got up. I hate commericals so I change the channel during them, so she doesn’t even see them!

But to all the stupid parents out there, play with you children. Get off your lazy ass and turn off the television. If not they could end up like me…. I think, actually I know, that my Dad spent more time watching television than even talking to me. Sometimes the only time he would spare to talk to me consisted of “Move away from the tv” “If you are going to talk, go into the other room “*Usually he wouldn’t even say that, just turn the tv up until you couldn’t hear yourself think and leave the room* “Nikke! Where did you put the fucking remote” *This was usually at 3am when he got home from work, and yes he would wake me up on a school night to find the remote. Most of the time it was in plain sight, but if it wasn’t where he said it should be, he would wake me and make me pick it up and put it where it belonged.*

Wow, my dad sucks and I just went off on a tangent. I need therapy.


One Response to “Television is SOOOOoOo BAD”

  1. James said

    I agree with you. While we watched television, my children and I played. We had a cast of characters named Mr. hand, Mr stomach,Cousin bird, etc. Each one had a power like the rock, paper game. Sometimes, our son and I attacked each other with fleets of paper airplanes.

    I played dolls with our daughter, and Masters of the Universe with our son. I taught both how to drive and to ride bicycles. Each summer we had a big water fight, and we played softball in the front yard.

    What I hate most is our son loved video games, and I thought they were a waste of time. He wanted to play them with me, but I usually didn’t. “I’ll play a video game with you if you like.” still runs through my head and I wince. Usually, I had some excuse. It was such a small thing, and I still feel bad about it.If I could replay time, I would do it differently. Maybe your father feels bad over things he did and didn’t do.

    Last summer, we visited our son and his wife in California, and they really put on the dog for us. An e friend we also visited for the first time said she thought our son was showing us he had made it in the world he had created for himself.

    As we sat in the kithen with conversation going on around us, I told our son what our friend had said. He gave me a half smile like his grandfather’s and a thumbs up.

    Maybe your father feels the same as I do about our children and just can’t show it. I hope so.

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