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The nerve of some people

Posted by ekkin on Monday, June 18, 2007

Okay so most of you know about the sextuplets in Minnesota, three of which have died because of being born very early. Well, I was messing around yesterday and passed this blog that was just horrible. Talking about the mother being selfish because she refused to do a reduction and how abortion could have saved these kids lives. Um no. Are you a fucking idiot? They wanted her to reduce to two children, so if three have died, at least one of them would have died anyway. ABORTION DOES NOT SAVE LIVES. IT’S MURDER, WHICH MEANS SOMEONE DIES. Hello! Her logic is what pissed me off. To be honest I was going to stay away from this one. It’s a sad situation. I feel nothing but sorrow for that mother and resentment for all the stupid fucks out here bashing her for LOVING her children. She wanted to give them a chance for live and just because they did not make it does NOT mean that she made the wrong decision. Live is about taking chances and bet you that when she goes to heaven and see’s those little babies they will LOVE her even more for trying to give them a chance, for not giving up so easily.

Now back to this stupid woman and her stupid logic. After sleeping on it, it came to me what I thought was wrong with her statement. But I am just going to use examples, I just woke up, so bear with me. She says that the woman should have had an abortion so at least two of the kids would have had a chance. I love people who push abortion on people. I don’t know first hand because I am no God, but I wonder if these supporters will born in Hell right along with the murderer. I also wonder if this woman thinks that a woman who knows she is going to do drugs while pregnant so just go ahead and kill her baby. What am I saying of course she does, she’s a pro-murder bitch. You know what I think I have completely gotten off track. This subject makes my stomach turn. I am going to stop for now and see how I feel later.


3 Responses to “The nerve of some people”

  1. James said

    I agree with you about the woman. Unless the doctors told her the outcome was a sure thing,she played the odds and lost. The outcome might have been better. No one knew.

    On another subject, we saw a youtube video by Lizzie Palmer, one of the best support the troops videos we have seen. It was on Fox News Sunday. Google Lizzie Palmer Remember Me and you will be able to find it. So far,it has had 10 million hits.

  2. Drifter said

    I agree with you. That was an awful thread.

  3. Nic said

    And in the end, five of the six died. Two healthy babies would’ve been better than one fucked-up child that’s going to have problems for the rest of his life.

    But yeah, I guess logic doesn’t have to play a part when you have GOD on your side!

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