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Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am making no sense. I try to tell Lee something and he tells me to speak english. I AM SPEAKING ENGLISH. Maybe I am having a stroke, but I know that in my head what I was saying was completely coherent. Children’s Benadryl is awesome. Except I can’t walk straight and I have a very confused feeling in my head. Kind of like it could float away but at the same time is stuffed with cotton that somehow feels like it weighs 20 tons. I gave up trying to measure the damn stuff and have resorted to just drinking it. Did you know that about 4 teaspoons of cough syrup feels like the size of a quarter on your tongue? It does I swear. Maybe I actually took 3 teaspoons or 7, I don’t know. Bye now.


One Response to “Lalalala”

  1. yunahalo said

    Hehe, it happens, please use this 2 month old post as a reference:

    Oh, and I’ve been sick too, but not your kind of sick, I’ve just been dead for a few days. I think I’m starting to stink.

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