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Yumm…condom TEA

Posted by ekkin on Saturday, May 12, 2007

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A Wyoming County man who says he found a condom in his iced tea glass last Mother’s Day and lives in fear that he contracted a disease from it is suing the Shoney’s restaurant in Logan and the company that operates it.
The lawsuit filed Thursday on behalf of James and Selena Bledsoe says that upon discovering the condom James Bledsoe “immediately became horribly ill, dry heaving and nearly vomiting at the table. He then ran for the nearest restroom to vomit.”

Named as defendants in the lawsuit, which was filed in circuit court in Kanawha County, where restaurant franchisee ShoRest LLC is located, are the restaurant manager, assistant manager and the server who waited on the Bledsoes.

The lawsuit alleges that the Bledsoes, their two children and several other family members were eating at the Logan restaurant last May 14 when James Bledsoe, 30, saw the unwrapped condom in his half-finished drink.

When he returned from the bathroom, Bledsoe allegedly saw the restaurant’s assistant manager and several other employees, including his server, laughing.

A call to ShoRest Chief Operating Officer Rory Smith was not immediately returned on Friday.

The lawsuit alleges that the restaurant manager promised to comply with Bledsoe’s request to keep the glass and its contents so it could be tested, but didn’t.

“It’s caused him (Bledsoe) a great deal of stress,” Bledsoe’s Beckley lawyer, Stephen New, said Friday.

Initial tests for communicable diseases were negative, but Bledsoe expects to be tested for the next seven years. He’s been so worried, the lawsuit says, that it’s affected his relationships with his family and caused him trouble sleeping and concentrating.

The lawsuit, which requests a jury trial, seeks an unspecified amount in both punitive and compensatory damages.

yeah that’s freaking sick…..and HILARIOUS. It reminds me of a time when I went out with some friends and the waiter was really awesome and cool, so we thought we would do something so she would never forget us. So one of the guys hocked?? a luggy into a condom…I know I know, but we made up for it by putting it on the table and covering it with like 12 ones. It was great!


One Response to “Yumm…condom TEA”

  1. James said

    That reminds me of the time I found a half disolved mouse in a can of 7UP after I had drunk half of it. I should have sued and gotten rich!

    Happy Mothers Day. I hope it is a memorial day in a good way.

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