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…pisses me off

Posted by ekkin on Friday, May 11, 2007

Okay, this actually happen about a month ago, but you know me I am easily distracted.. *Oh! Something shiny*…

OKay I am back. Anyway, I am on and I am part of a military group (duh), well I actually started the group, yep I am special. Anyway, there’s a post about this woman who is thinking about divorcing her husband of one year. Because she hates him? NO. Because he’s mean? NO. Because he did something bad? NO. Because he is going to Iraq for 15 months and the stupid bitch doesn’t think she can make it that long. Which I translated to “you are a slut and can’t go with our sex for a year”. That pissed me off. He was in the Army before they got married, did she think that he wouldn’t go over there? Stupid Stupid Stupid. I hope he read that and fucking leaves her sorry ass. Because if I were him I don’t think I could trust her. I think that if she doesn’t divorce him, she’s going to cheat on him. And I think women that cheat on soldiers while they are deployed are beyond low and should be taken out back and fucking shot. And that’s I have to say about that.


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