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So Lee won a game….finally

Posted by ekkin on Friday, April 27, 2007

Lee’s softball team in the Army finally won a game (besides the two forfiet wins)! They won 17 to 16 in “overtime” (they are only allowed one hour). I have to admit, the Umps cheated. WE didn’t cheat, but they did. One of the strikes wasn’t one and we were out at first base TWICE, but they called safe. Oh and a guy caught a fly ball on the ground and they said it hit the ground first. It was awesome because the Ump had to throw one of their players out of the game because he was swearing. “Fuck this, this is Bullshit” etc. But I don’t care, because we WON!!!!!!!


13 Responses to “So Lee won a game….finally”

  1. James said

    Congratulations! Your season reminds me of our highschool baseball team one year.

    We lost a game something like 28 to 1. The Omaha World Herald dropped the winners from its honorary best of the region baseball team because of unsportsmanship in running up the score. Who’s crying now bat boys? Evil laughter!

    Anyway, winning had to feel good.

  2. ekkin said

    It did! So when are you going to get a blog????

  3. James said

    A blog? I wouldn’t even know how to start. Maybe sometime. I do have a weekly column in a county newspaper. Its mostly history, but they let me write about almost anything. That’s sort of like blogging. How much time does it take you to maintain this one?

  4. ekkin said

    lol, not that much, I can go weeks without even looking at it. But if I feel like blogging, maybe less than an hour a day. It’s pretty laid back.

  5. James said

    So, you can pretty much let it run itself. How many visitors do you get? How do you decide what to write about? Whatever pops into your head?

  6. ekkin said

    yeah pretty much, then I occasionally make something up or bitch about whatever is on AOL news or My visitors vary. I have had over 3,000 hits in 6 months, which really isn’t that good. here check out my cousin’s blog she’s awesome…. click here

  7. yunahalo said

    Aww, yay! I’m famous! Hehe, it’s almost 4 AM and I just woke up! Mayyybeh this curse is over? :)

  8. ekkin said

    lol, maybe just take a nap later and you will be good to go

  9. ekkin said

    BTW, you were waking up while I was going to sleep!!

  10. yunahalo said

    Aww, I did take a nap, can you please call me really soon? I just got some bad news (for me)…

  11. ekkin said

    ok……… I did call, you don’t ever answer, haven’t we been over the fact that you are KILLING baby animals?

  12. James said

    I like your cousin’s blog, especially the pictures. 3,000 hits in six months sounds pretty good. Maybe word of mouth will make the numbers get bigger.

    If I did have a blog, I could share our daughter’s rant about her purple bridesmaid dress. A friend from college is getting married, and our daughter was mad because the bride’s first choice cost $180 and looked so indecent, she hardly wanted to leave the changing room. The bridesmaids rebelled, and the second choice costs only $140. I asked her if she could ever wear it again, and she said “IT’S Purple!”

  13. ekkin said


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