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Stupid libetards

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I LOVE LIBERALS! I am super-cereal guys. They are so smart and make completely coherent arguements! They open their arms to everyone and are VERY diverse. I want to be one….


This is for all the Kathy Griffin a-holes (except James, I like you):

Fuck you, your mom, your dog and your gay cousin. I applaude your ability to make asses out of yourselfs on a daily basis. As for my blog, stop fucking read it then, dipshit. I have had more link hits from my Kathy Griffin profile than any other place in the last day. I can’t help it if you have your head up your ass and don’t want to hear the real truth. Gay marriage is not going to happen and it’s not because we hate gay people, it’s because having two men or two women marry each other would be against the VERY definition of marriage. Fucking DUH! Be happy with your civil union and GET OVER IT!! Yeah I said get the fuck over it, deal with it.

As for you being stupi libetard BIGOTS….hahahahahahahahahahahaha! You are the very problem with this country. Maybe you all should fucking move to France. It makes me fucking sick to think that my husband may die for you. You all fucking suck. But, hey, I am over it. The funny thing is I had completely forgotten about the whole forum thing until today when James brought it to my attention that you are STILL talking about it. I am SOOOOOOO special.

So anyway, I am tired of the whole bit, I think I’ll go play with Grace.

P.S. SARAH!!!!!!!! Lee has a Army softball game thingy at 7pm tonight, so I may bot get to call you until 8-9, which should be okay, right? blah blah blah

hahaha I said fuck 9 times including the one I just said. I am awesome! Considering I hardly ever cuss. I am cute when I am angry, awwwwwwwww


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