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Some stuff for you!

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First, my hubby got to this before me, so you can read his take on the stupidty of the libetard artist Sheryl Crow.

Just what we need! A President that can adapt to her surroundings! Please don’t vote for this damn woman….

I just found out about this and it may become an actual post on my blog later, but for now here’s what is up. Apparently, at an Army base in Afghanistan the flag was flown at half mass for the students killed at VT. Which is okay by me, it is a National tragedy, but it isn’t flown half mass when a soldier over there dies. Now that’s messed up. That actually kind of pisses me off. I’ll write more about that later. But it also brings me to another point, did any of you know that a young soldier died in Iraq the same day that VT happened? I bet you didn’t, because it was never mentioned on the news. It’s like we don’t even care anymore. It’s sad

that is all


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