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Hey James from Kathy Griffin site thingy

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hope you read this, I just read something AWESOMELY HILARIOUS!!! Micheal on the forum thinks I am you in disguise!!! What an idiot!

He’s said “(blah blah blah) right, James? errr I mean Nikke?”

hahahaha you must be freaking awesome for them to talk about you so much!!! You should have a blog so I can read it, since I am not going back to that Hell Hole of a forum!

BE MY FRIEND!!!! Muhahahahahaha


One Response to “Hey James from Kathy Griffin site thingy”

  1. James said

    Hi Nikke,

    I’d be proud to be your friend. I quit the forum and hadn’t read all of the thread until just now after I checked to see what was happening with you.

    Isn’t it funny how anger can make ordinary people think so stupidly? That was hilarious!

    To be fair, I had just played a trick on them because I wanted some people to stop trying to restrict topics and left the account at the Janeane Garafalo forum because I knew someone would find it. I deserved to be yelled at, but this was a trifle overdone. Who would have thought they would use 21 pages about me? That must be some sort of record.

    I am just a trouble maker. Ha! “All it takes for evil to suceed is that good men do nothing.”Edmund Burk wrote that, and I took it to heart. Those people aren’t evil, but what they did to you was wrong. They’ve done it to each other too, but not that badly. I didn’t mean for you to get in it again. Hard as it is for you to believe, there are some nice people on the forum. Some of them are still e-mailing me.

    If you want to meet some nice liberals, the Janeane forum has some. It is practically dead with only ten or so posting regularily. There hasn’t been a fight in a year. I’m the only moderate Republican remaining, and we have friendly political arguements.

    Some facts about me are I am a farmer and a storm chaser. I am also a vollenteer weather observer. I am a Vietnam era veteran and my wife and I have two children in their twenties.

    We went through the whole deployment-seperation thing. Before we were married, we didn’t see each other for two years. We were apart for three months just after we were married. Odd things happen to me. I am probably one of the few airmen who was detained one night on an Italian airbase after our private plane mistakenly made an emergency landing there.

    I think you are awesome. Here you are holding things together and you are a mother too. Your family must be so proud. When I was your age, I was still trying to keep from flunking out of college. I was a slaker at first and had too much fun.

    This is getting too long. Good night.
    Talk to you later,


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