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Some REAL shit for ya’ll

Posted by ekkin on Friday, April 20, 2007

I am feeling…down? Depressed? I don’t know. Tonight Lee has his first softball game for his Army unit thingy. I am sitting here, in my pajamas, my hair in all different directions, basically looking like CRAP and I feel like…crap? I want Lee to be proud of me. I know I am not “beautiful”, but I am pretty in my own way. Well, I am not unfortunate looking. But lately, you would never guess that. I look like total poop. I guess it’s part of having a baby and no time for yourself. But I think I am going to “doll” up for Lee tonight. I have seen some of the other wives, and I am definately cuter. THough some are prettier than me. That’s the beauty of it, if they read this they can’t know who is who. Anyway, I like people to be jealous of Lee, it would be cool. Now if I could lose the last 10 pounds of baby fat that won’t go away in 30 minutes, it would be perfect. But at least I am not really fat. I am not even “chunky” I just have a belly. And HEY I have an excuse.

Also, things brings me to my other problem. Lee and I have no pictures together, and I know it’s totally my fault. I don’t photograph well. I always look fat. To be honest I am always afraid that I really do look like that. Like my mirror is lying and the camera is showing the real me. God I hope not. Anyway, I am on a mission to get new “good” pics of me and Lee. For that matter of me in general. Poor Grace, if I were to die today she would have like four pictures of me. I wouldn’t want that.

Okay, I am done rambling. It’s kinda of funny to write about my actual life on my blog. I think that is what it’s for, but people get bogged down in the whole blog hits and stuff, and who wants to read about my life? Well, besides you obvisously!


5 Responses to “Some REAL shit for ya’ll”

  1. yunahalo said

    Hey, don’t think that I hate you! We’ve been sleeping during the day AGAIN… So we haven’t answered the phone that much, as we are asleep. Yes. How did Lee’s little game go?

  2. moxymedia said

    I can totally relate. My dad said, “Why aren’t you ever in any pictures? We have enough pictures of your husband. 30 years from now, no one is going to know who you are!” Isn’t it funny though – I sure don’t feel as fat as I look in pictures! I prefer my delusions.

    I stumbled onto your blog…we were stationed at Fort Hood for four years. We’re out of the Army now, living in CA, but I still miss Java Jolt and the chicken philly at the O’Club.

    Grace is my favorite name for girls – it was my mother and grandmother’s name. I plan to use it too, if we have a girl. She’s beautiful! Good work. Happy blogging!

  3. James said

    Remember your short foray at the Kathy Griffin site and the treatment you recieved? Since I have been there, I have seen people do similiar stuff to each other though not as badly as to you.

    Hard as it is for you to believe, some people still feel you got a raw deal. It was one of the reasons I played a trick on them and posted on a seperate forum so they would eventually find out. I also wanted freedom to discuss subjects like politics which some didn’t want discussed.

    Many of them turned on me as I expected. After all I deserved it, but since Thursday, I believe, the thread has made 17 pages, a record, I think. I had been thinking of leaving the forum after what happened to you, but I had to know if it was an aboration or not. It wasn’t.

    Your name turned up in the arguements too. One or two thought you got unfair treatment. Some good people post on that forum, but as for the rest of them… This is just to let you know even on your worst days, you are a better person than those bigots. No matter how low you feel, remember you are not them. That should cheer you up.


  4. ekkin said

    They really still talk about me? LOL! That’s awesome. Maybe people will learn to stop being jerks. Sorry you got treated badly. And I am glad that I am not them.

  5. ekkin said

    oh could I have the link to your forum that is 17 pages? I would like to see what happened.

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