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Extreme (-ly hilarious), slightly drunken patriotism

Posted by ekkin on Friday, April 13, 2007

Okay, so I am hanging out with my AWESOME cousin Sarah, whom most know as yunahalo and she just did the biggest nut check in the name of America that this nation has ever known. As you may know I am married to a soldier and as a JOKE I happened to mention that Cody (Sarah’s brother) was burning bibles and American flags yesterday. Lee laughed, but Sarah decided to defend the honor of her country and AWESOME president, Dub-ya of course. So as retaliation Sarah used a pole on her porch for leverage and swung a MASSIVE nut check with PERFECT precision. And while Cody was writhing in pain on the ground yelling about how she just killed all his children and that he could feel them in his stomach, Sarah had lost her balance and took out EVERYTHING on her porch. She broke a big glass bowl with her butt and landed on some now dead flowers. It was, duh, AWESOME!!!!!!!


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