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Posted by ekkin on Thursday, April 12, 2007

Since my blog was bogged down ( I am so know blog-bog, hahaha) I have decided to try some cheap tricks to get people here to read my ACTUAL stuff. And since you are reading this you can’t say ANYTHING, because it obviously worked, so there.

Rachel Mcadams- WHo in the Hell is this? I am such a freaking loser, I guess.

dreams- I have those.

Jason Wahler- ?????

Leah Remini- AGAIN, who the fuck?

Food and Wine- I like both

Thank God- You should

Halloween 2007 trailer – There’s a new Halloween movie? I need to get out

Knut Polar Bear – Apparently his Mommy doesn’t love him, but 300,000 people who do came to see him on Easter

Opie and Anthony – uh

The Black Donnellys – crime, four, Irish… I skimmed the article and that’s all I got

I got these from top ten on Yahoo, so this better freaking work or I might have to come up with my own stuff


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