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The Nikke Game

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Okay, so driving from Indiana to Arkansas was long and boring. It was dark, I couldn’t read, Lee wanted to drive and I wanted to scream from boredom. SO I found a way to entertain myself. I took the names of towns that we passed, and other random ones and twisted them to satisfy me. Since this first town started the game I will show you it first.

Effinham, Illinois

now we break it down-

Effin + Ham + Ill

now we’ll change the words to similar ones

Fucking + Pigs + Sick

now we’ll put them in order so they’ll make sense

Sick Pig Fuckers

So by using this process we have determined that people who live in Effinham, Illinois are sick pig fuckers.

Now there isn’t much of a system to this game, you can pretty much make it up as you go, like I did. Let’s try one again, but I’ll do it slightly backwards by telling you the city and what I came up with then tell you how I got there.

Holland, Michigan = Pimp

I know what you are thinking, how in the HELL did I get Pimp from Holland, Michigan? Well, shut up and keep reading and you’ll find out.

Ho + Land + Bichigan (clever, I know… it’s pronouce to sound like Bitching again)

so from that you get

Land of Bitching Hos

And what do you do when Hos bitch? You slap them, yes, that’s what you do. And who slaps hos?


Thank you I am know I am clever and awesome.

let’s see here are some other examples, some from my darling husband.

Flint, Michigan = Micheal Moore’s a bitch

Flint= Micheal Moore (because he claims to be from there)

Using the same technique from above with Michigan, you get=

Micheal Moore is a bitch.

You can even change letters.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little + cock + Hillbillies (because we ALL know hillibillies comr from Arkansas)

So who lives in Arkansas? Hillbillies with small penises..

THat is all. Have fun.


5 Responses to “The Nikke Game”

  1. yunahalo said

    YAY! Fun game… Grace’s outfit is on my blog now…

  2. breederx said


  3. yunahalo said

    Hey, what time are y’all leaving?

  4. elmo76544 said

    You’re gay!

  5. ekkin said

    I know… I married you!

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