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Adopt a baby on Myspace

Posted by ekkin on Saturday, March 24, 2007

I got this bulletin on myspace and I will fucking kill ANYONE if who does this with my baby. you have been forewarned.


Ok, so it has been brought to my attention that there are myspacers that are stealing baby photos from other users & from the internet in general and then roleplaying like these babies/children need to be “adopted”… then, there’s other sick people out there that are “play adopting” them.

Ok, it may sound innocent–like a game or whatnot, but it’s actually really sick. They make these kids die, they have “adoption centers” and daycares that are called The Horny Daycare Center & crap like that. It has naked children & dialog about how the kids are in sexual positions & do sexual acts to each other. It’s freakin’ sick. I checked out all of them that I could (the ones listed below) to see if my children’s pictures were on there and thankfully, they are not — but there are A LOT of baby girls, and some of the pictures I recognized as other girls that I’ve seen at auditions, as pictures that have been on contests that my kids have entered, etc. It’s freaky. One of the pictures in particular was the winner of contest from November of last year.

They give these babies names and act as if they are their actual children. Most of them are naked babies and have headlines like MY SEXY BABY & LOOK AT THAT BOOTY, and if you read their comments, some are sexual in nature regarding the babies & there is a ring of like a 500 of these profiles out there. Most of them have the “baby” as the owner of the profile and they have this stupid language, where they add “w’s” into all of the words, as if no one knows this. It’s like a freakin’ cult where these sick people are using other people’s children.

PLEASE repost this, if you repost NOTHING ELSE. I NEVER ask for anyone to repost any crap. PLEASE, there may be someone’s child on one of these profiles as an “adopted” child, or one that needs to be “adopted”. A lot of profiles have been deleted, and they’ve been reported to myspace & the police. If enough people report and make others aware, it may put an end to it.

Thank you so much. If you want to remain anonymous when reporting & so that your name isn’t shown when reposting, do what I’ve done, and sign with:

alot of these links are people who use celebrity pics or pics of just other random models, and they pretend to be families that want to adopt. So, when you look at them, they don’t look threatening at all, but these are the people who are “adopting”. This is really sick you guys. :/


2 Responses to “Adopt a baby on Myspace”

  1. breederx said

    OMG, that is horrible! So sick what some people do on the internet. . . :-((((

  2. assa

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