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100 most shocking moments in Rock-n-roll

Posted by ekkin on Sunday, March 18, 2007

I just watched this show on vh1. I am not going to list them all because, come on, I have to consider the “who really cares” factor. For that matter, you might not care about any of the ones I have selected to show you. So maybe you should leave.


For all the cool people left here, are the ones I have chosen to share with you. Be grateful and attentive…bitches.

*Disclaimer- I only watched the end, so I am going online to find the beginning ones. Don’t blame me for having a life. I try my best*

86.Geto Boy rapper loses an eye in a fight with his girlfriend. – I have no idea who this is, but there’s something funny and ironic about a guy named “Geto Boy” getting beat up by a girl.

77. Cynthia Plastercaster makes ceramic models of rock stars’ penises.- Freaking awesome.

73.John Fogerty is sued by his record company for plagiarizing himself- yeah it really happened, what a crock

48.Snoop Doggy Dogg is accused of murder.- He did it.

45.A pregnant Courtney Love is accused of taking heroin by Vanity Fair- I am sure she did, coke whore… or heroin, whatever.

30.Rap star 2Pac is murdered in Las Vegas.- Biggie did it. Or snoop dawg, dog…whatever

27, Tejano singing star Selena is murdered- That movie makes me cry…because I have a SOUL.

18. Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off a dove at a record label meeting.- Yeah, he’s a sick *@#&…but I love him

17.Led Zeppelin watch a groupie fornicate with a dead shark- It’s been said there’s a video floating around, try selling that on ebay!

16. Sid Vicious is accused of murdering his girlfriend.- Then died from heroin overdose….sad sad story

13. Jerry Lee Lewis marries his 13-year-old second cousin.- ew

4. Kurt Cobain commits suicide- Damn Courtney Love


1.John Lennon is murdered… I guess he wasn’t bigger than Jesus, since he wasn’t able to resurrect himself. Oh wow, that was horrible. I am sorry. RIP Lennon, you were AWESOME!

now go to bed and dream about me…..


2 Responses to “100 most shocking moments in Rock-n-roll”

  1. elmo76544 said

    You have no soul

  2. dog snuggie…

    […]100 most shocking moments in Rock-n-roll « The Original MES[…]…

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