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OMG, can you get the death penalty for this?

Posted by ekkin on Saturday, March 17, 2007

THere’s this freaking CRAZY ass lady in Columbus who has confessed to killing over 650 dogs and cats. She has self-admitted to a mental institute claiming to have bi-polar disorder. Her excuse was she was saving them. She would get the animals from shelters and neighbors and kill them to save them from homlessness… She has been charged with only ONE charge of animal cruelty… umm, try 650?


6 Responses to “OMG, can you get the death penalty for this?”

  1. euqinorev said

    God damn Bipolar people! They should all be locked up and never let out. The world would really be a better place. But, unfortunately, they are going to end up ruling the world. I hear they have a plan to use diet Jell-O to control people’s minds. Very scary, but if people are worried about the calories in Jell-O (less than ten per individual serving) they have a serious problem…they may even be anorexic, which is worse than Bipolar! I mean, at least Bipolar people have energy and can be eaten if we have to turn to cannibalism…I know this one Bipolar person who would be tasty as hell…she would really make extra good people-ham. And no, NO Bipolar HUFU! We must eat real Bipolars!

    I hope you are laughing…I think I’m cleaver. I apologize to any anorexics that have been offended by this response.

  2. I’m not laughing, but yes…you are very cleAver. Moron.

  3. yunahalo said


  4. ekkin said

    IHBE…. That girl who first commented is my friend from Indy. She happens to be bipolar….and awesome. Thought you should know.

  5. yunahalo said

    Aww, it’s ok Nikke, I mean… well. I don’t know. Being clever is well, a gift. It’s kinda like how some people are born with extra fingers. It’s a little uncommon I suppose… Yes. So, you is in the Indy right now huh? I’m still deathly ill… I hate it. Kinda like how I hate people who want to kill baby polar bears. They are just mad that they aren’t as cute. I like polar bear babies, and I’m pretty delirious at the moment… I’m not even sure if I’m actually typing. Stoopid being sick crap.

  6. yunahalo said

    And you comment thingy is killing me. Lyyke… bad. I can’t read it, or am I going blind? I is saddened. :(

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