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My response to the response to Sarah’s “Virginia apologizes for slavery… I’m not kidding…”

Posted by ekkin on Sunday, February 25, 2007

Okay, Sarah has written a post about this article . So far she has 55 comments and most of them are from idiots. Now I am going to make fun of them because that is how I roll.

“Did you know that people in the deep south were in bondage long after slavery was legally abolished? Apologizing for man’s inhumanity to man is the beginning of understanding. It is a wise thing to do. To accept the apology is a Christian or Christ like thing to do!”-Jane

How long after? Were you a slave? Your mother, your grandmother? Even your Great-grandmother or -father? Probably not. Actually, just NO. No one owes you an apology, they did nothing wrong to you. The people who are apologizing have never owed slaves just as you were never a slave. The people to blame and the people to apologize are DEAD and have been for a long time. Get over it

“I’m tired of this BS where America has to keep apologizing !! This is 2007 … get over it !! African-Americans have so much more opportunity in this country than the majority around the world. What more does it take ??!!”-Mike


“slavery has been gone a looong time and we are still paying for it. welfare paid for by the tax payer mostly caucasin. housing paid for by the taxpayer while they go out and sell drugs rob pay no taxes
saw a bit on balto tv the other day about a black landlord that keeps his own in poverty. now thats stickin together.keep the blackman down they say and they are doing it to themselves.”-Anonymous

I am stuck for words here. While you have a right to your opinion and in some ways I completely agree, it’s these broad generalizations that keep their fire burning. White people are criminals as well and some are on welfare. Not all black people are. I won’t say it’s even, because that would be a lie. No one can say that, but it’s not %100 black people who are on welfare and commit robberies.

“I agree, apologize for what Hitory and the progression of civilization, good grief the current black should think God for slavery as as a race thaey are much better off having gone throuugh slavery”-Gary

You are on idiot. I don’t know if you are five or just don’t know grammar, but I had to read this THREE times to even begin to understand what you were saying. Also, I am assuming the “think” should have been “thank” and that’s so off-base. No race deserved what happened to them, I just don’t think our generation should be paying for it, in more than one way.

“I don’t get why everybody is so bothered by the Virginia state government for apologizing for slavery. I think we can all agree that slavery is wrong. Aren’t we all sorry slavery happened? Who cares how long ago it was. It affected a lot of people in Virginia now, 100+ years later, the Virginia State government is declaring that they are sorry. That’s all.”-Anonymous

We are only saying that we didn’t do it, it didn’t happen to you, what do we have to be sorry about. I am upset that there were slaves in America, but I have no guilt just because I am white.

“They want more handouts and special treatment because they are black. They don’t want equal treatment!”-Anonymous

You are so far the biggest idiot I have come upon on this blog. That is all.

“Im tired of people saying that African Americans should get over slavey , i mean honestly how does 400 years of physical bondayafe go a way in 150 years, I think many blacks have not been trated for post tractice slave syndrome”-Quantel

Post Tractive Slave Syndrome? Never heard of it, but I don’t see how you could have it, since you were never a slave.

“Slavery is a bad thing that happened a long time ago. Civilization has grown and changed so much since then. It’s a part of history that we should learn from but the apologizing makes no sense to me. Who is alive today that had anything to do with it?? That is crazy.” -Anonymous

Thank you.

“Oh my…what will they think of next. Slavery is over. No white person owes any black person an apology. None of us white people living today ever owned a slave and all blacks today, never were a slave. Therefore, you have nothing to compare your present lives to. Unless you can prove you were a slave and went through it all personally…you need to STFU. You can bet you have it alot better than most people have nowadays. Get over it, get a job, and quit looking for a handout (or an apology), over something that happened YEARS BEFORE you and I were even born. Stop blaming the white man for your problems, you’re responsible for your own actions, regardless of the color of your skin.”-Tamara

Thank you…sorta. Maybe not so harsh? As for looking for a handout, that’s not what ALL of the African-American race want. Some don’t even need a hand-out. That’s a common generalization that needs to STOP.

“Mr “Frankie Didn’t do it Wasn’t there” didn’t seem to want to talk about how GW is raping and destroying young American lives. This draft dodger that we have in office doesn’t care for lives of the people of this country because he can’t profit from it any other way. I felt safer in this world with “Mr Zipper down” man who actually helped the American people with a balanced budget. If GW wouldn’t have wasted my money on his “Lets Play Army” we could maybe actually afford to pay some restitution.”- anonymous

You are EVERYTHING that is WRONG with America. “Mr Zipper down” who I am going to assume is Bill fucking Clinton, did NOT understand a thing about American security. The only thing he did for us was bomb some countries to avoid media exposure on a sex scandal. ALSO, did you know, which I bet you did NOT, that Bill Clinton had a chance to get Bin Laden in 1996? The Sudanese offered to hand over Bin Laden because his radical Islamic SHIT was stirring up too much trouble there, but he said no. Bill Clinton inherited the strongest military in the world that had just came off of a decisive victory in 1991 and turned it into a weakend fighting force. DRAFT DODGER?!? You ignorant fuck! Bush was in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam Conflict! Bill Clinton on the other hand was in College and REALLY DID DODGE THE DRAFT! Raping and destroying young American lives? What do you mean? Be more specific with your treason. What is this crap you are saying about our President profiting from anything? You are such an ignorant fuck that subscribes to crackpot conspiracy theories because you don’t have an original thought in your thick skull. WHY THE FUCK WOULD WE PAY RESTITUTION?!? The current black population has not suffered any form of slavery.

“Wow, i’m glad that i came here, to read all of your racists comments. YOu People on this site are living proof why an apology is needed. And for god’s sake, it ’s just an aplogy. They are just words. Here’s some knowledge for you simple-minded heathens. white americans would not have the wealth that they have today were it not for the profits that they made off of the free labor of slaves. and Black people would not be in the state that they are in today were it not for the psychological, and economical effects that slavery, segregation, racism, and white supremacy had (and continues to have) on black americans. Maybe it will make you feel better if you look at it as an apology for Racism. you can’t possible deny the fact that it stills exists. you all are living proof of that.”-Nicole

….You don’t deserve a comment. Just read the end of this blog and see what you have to say then. Racism DOES exist, but not just for African Americans. Black people are racist too. So are Hispanics, etc… Hate is here, it’s EVERYWHERE. You can NOT generalize racism just to the white people….BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE RACIST!

Okay, this is long enough. You can go read the rest if you want. I want to end this by telling you something you might find suprising. I am the descendent of a slave, but, yeah, I am white. I know, you don’t believe me, but whatever. My ancestors came from France to Louisiana (hence why I am considered French-Cajun). We had…slaves! Yes, my family owned slaves. After the Civil War, one of my ancestors MARRIED one of our slaves. And they bore children, from who I descend. So where’s my resitution? Because I am “white” I am not entitled? You know what? I am going to call my Mom right now and demand she pay me what I am owed!


2 Responses to “My response to the response to Sarah’s “Virginia apologizes for slavery… I’m not kidding…””

  1. Dee said

    The last slave died in the 1980s and my great grandparents and grandfather were slaves. You have no idea what you are talking about. Your history determines your current situation you arrogant white posters. You take so much for granted and piss away opportunity and whine like little pathetic wimps. Read white like me and be glad for the things you have in America. You disgust me. The lot of you.

  2. ekkin said

    Be glad for the things I have in America? You stupid bitch. I am VERY glad and VERY aware of the freedoms I have and what it costs to have them, I am married to a soldier. And I am not arrogant. I know what I am talking about and if you don’t agree don’t fucking read it. And don’t generalize us “white posters” if you don’t want me to generalize you as a “black reader”. YOU bitch and whine about racism and slavery but who the fuck said it was okay for you to me racist toward me? Huh?? I am SICK and TIRED of racism being generalized toward white people only. Other motherfuckers out there that are BLACK, HISPANIC, INDIAN ETC. are fucking racist too. So get the fuck over it and get the fuck off my blog!

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