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Posted by ekkin on Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okay, I was only going to do one a day, but I HAVE to share this one with you….

” In My Defense re “My Cheating Wife”
I returned to the site to see so much hostile advice on this request, and I can SEE why, I am supposing. My wife’s brother is NOT 15 years old, he is 18 years old – a slip of the keybaord. I can imagine many were of course thinking the worst, and I agree – but this WAS an error on my part. My apologies.”

when you first read this, you think, your wife is sleeping with her brother?? But no. HE IS!!!

OK, assuming you’re telling us the truth and he really IS 18 years old, you are still having homosexual sex with your wife’s brother. This presents 3 problems:

1. You are cheating on your wife….
2. With a man….
3. Who is her brother.



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