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No one should read this, but I need to write it

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, February 22, 2007

I just had the most horrible dream. I know people always say that, but this was…I don’t even think there are words. I told Lee about it when he called this morning and he made me stop because it was something he didn’t even want to think about much less dream about. In my dream there is a shot that kills your baby. It was legal I guess and Lee and I decided to give it to Grace. (I am crying while typing, it was so horrible). As we watched her blink her eyes and start to go to sleep, we changed our minds. I called 911 screaming for them to help us, but at first they said no because we did it to her. It was so vivid, I can still see my baby sitting in her high chair, dieing. Oh my God, why would I dream this? The ambulance finally came and got her. I have no idea if she lived. My dream ended with me opening up my planner and in the note section was the name of the drug (which I can’t remember, not that I EVER want to know it) and right underneath is was the name PRINCESS and a number. That’s a cruise line. A fucking cruise line. When I told LEe about the dream, he told me to go upstairs and give Grace a kiss for him. It was that disturbing to someone who didn’t even dream it. After I got off the phone I laid down and snuggled with my baby. I love her so much. Now if I could just forget about this damn dream.


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