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The new cool thing to do

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, February 20, 2007

* This post may offend people. If this offends you, this must mean you are mormon. I am sorry….that you are mormon. To make you feel better I will tell you that I think people who practice scientology are even weirder than you *

Okay, my husband, the silly silly man, was doing this last night. He was laughing so freaking hard he could barely talk. At first I thought “What an idiot”, but then after a while, it became funny to me. So now I will share it with you. The “mormon” game. Have someone you hate? Or maybe you like them but you are a complete dick to your friends and don’t mind torturing them. Go here. Fill out an “request information” form, putting all your friend’s details. If you want to be mean, but still want your friend to talk to you later, just give their phone number. Maybe they’ll talk, but they have the option to just hang up the phone. BUT if you want to be a real dick, give them their ADDRESS. It’s one thing to hang up a phone, but not all people possess the golden balls to throw a mormon out of their house. It’ll be fun fun fun. I love my husband….


3 Responses to “The new cool thing to do”

  1. yunahalo said

    I so totally have plans for that… :)

  2. ekkin said

    It’s fun fun fun

  3. Sarah: I’ll kill you in a bad way if you ever do that to me.

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