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Britney Spears

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I love Britney. I can’t say I always have. There was a time when I really hated her. Once, in high school during my rebel years, I tried to get a poster of her (and other artists) that was hanging in the window of our library saying they were role models taken down. I actually was almost suspended because when they didn’t I would cover her photo up by taping paper over the glass. I really just wanted to rip it down. My reason at the time was the fact that she went from completely innocent and cute to ho-like carrying around snakes half dressed and I didn’t think she was a very good role model for children like my two neices. Anyway, the reason I am babbling about all this is because I am wondering where her priorities are. I just got back from sitting in the ER for an hour with my baby. Grace is running a high fever and has a rash. She’ll be okay. They gave her Benodryl and now she’s passed out, so that’s nice. Blah. While I was sitting there playing with her and constantly touching her hot forehead, I wondered, who sits with Britney’s babies in the ER when they are sick? How could she if she is hopping on planes, shaving her head and getting tattoos? Don’t get me wrong, I have two tattoos (one for my baby) and I have thought about shaving my head (I hate my effin hair), but now that I am a mom, those things aren’t so important. I would rather be home holding Grace than out partying. I guess things are different when you are famous. I think I would throw in the towel and live my life as normal as possible for my kids. I don’t know, I am going to bed.


One Response to “Britney Spears”

  1. breederx said

    I know what you mean. . .I can not picture not putting my children first and foremost. She really needs to shape up for the sake of her kids and lets hope that she will! :0))

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