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oh, haha, I just noticed how cool this is

Posted by ekkin on Monday, February 19, 2007

I am so copying Sarah, but she owes me, so I don’t care…

effin bypass… hmmm? I take it you aren’t too happy about this.
Licking balls… This is a daily search term. I don’t like balls, but Alec does, go to his blog.
Cutest baby in the world…yep I have her. Her name is Grace
Anna and the King soundtrack… AWESOME movie.
Awesome ankle tattoos… I have one of those.
becoming gay… you are already gay, get over it
I am so lonely… I am not so I feel for you

blah, my tattoo iches and Grace is fussing. I want to shave my head to be like Britney. BTW, I TRIED to post a blog about this the MOMENT everyone found out on CNN…before it hit the newsstands. But WordPress was being gay and wouldn’t let me. boo


8 Responses to “oh, haha, I just noticed how cool this is”

  1. yunahalo said

    And what exactly might I owe you for?

    “I am so copying Sarah, but she owes me, so I don’t care…”

    Hmmm? :)

  2. ekkin said

    hmmm, for introducing you to blogging, cigarettes, bean dip and cheetos…

    I am home! Yea.

  3. yunahalo said

    Then call meh! If I don’t answer, try again soon. We gotta run to town in a minute.

  4. ekkin said

    k, my phone is down cause we are switching to cable phone and stuff. I’ll call you today though and you better answer be-otch!

  5. Nikke…do you hate me?
    I’m sorry:(

  6. ekkin said

    I don’t hate you…
    why do you ask?

  7. You give off the impression. Why are you having a rough day?

  8. ekkin said

    Grace has been sick

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