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Lee is totally SPOILED

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, February 14, 2007

yeah, spoiled. What did he get for Father’s Day? A gun. What did he get for Valentine’s Day? An autograph picture of Peyton Manning! AND I cleaned the ENTIRE house and I am cooking a special supper BECAUSE LEE GETS TO COME HOME TOMORROW!! YEA!! AND for our Anniversity (March 6th, you better remember!) I am going to TRY and get him a *secert*. Hahahahaha I know he’ll be reading this. I better get something good. Anyway, I am really happy because he gets to come home a day early and we are going to Little Rock to see my Grampy this weekend. I am really tired of freaking driving. We drove to K-ville two weekends in a row. And the whole detour with the car sucking. Now I am going to drive 9-10 hours to Little Rock. I think I am going to take a couple of months off. I am NOT leaving the house. Yeah right. Someone comment on my blog. I am bored.


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