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Bored crap

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am so freaking bored and lonely. Grace is asleep. Now I must entertain myself until I am tired enough to just pass at so I won’t lie awake for hours missing Lee. So here’s what I am doing. I am taking names and phrases and seeing is I can find IE-…. which doesn’t exist. But there’s a site called which is a porn site NOT including my cousin. You don’t want to go there. A website about a lake called Lake Sarah So congrats, you have a lake named after you. Then Simply Sarah who is asian, so most likely not my cousin. Let’s see what else….
There is a It’s about printers and ink jets, fun, fun. Then and which aren’t even worth the effort to make them links. is of course, about jeans., etc. Nothing good there. is one of those dead gay links where there’s nothing but unrelevant links. Which means some bitch bought it just so I couldn’t and never did anything with it. Die! And apparently my name sounds/is German because none of the google search terms were in english. I tired… but there was nothing. And you would think that would be some sort of Christian site, but it’s not, it’s some chemical plant crap. So yeah. I am still bored. And I have just wasted half an hour of my life looking up websites that are completely gay. Someone shoot me. But not fatally. I don’t want to die or anything. But if I were in the hospital, there would be people to talk to. So maybe just in my foot. Well, that might hurt. Let’s forget the whole idea. Yeah…


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