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Bird Populations flourish; millions die

Posted by ekkin on Saturday, February 10, 2007

I have been researching a topic for a couple of english papers I have been writing and thanks to a resource I have, a horrible topic that got me a great grade was brought to my attention. Do you know the environmentalists are allowing millions of people to die for the sake of the bald eagle? Where is the line drawn for putting animal lives in front of humans? Sure, I will swerve and risk hitting a tree (and possibly killing myself) before I would hit a dog, but how can they sit there knowing a vast quanitity of people are dieing and do nothing about it? What the hell am I talking about? DDT. Let me explain… DDT is an insecticide that was first used during WWI to help kill insects that carried various harmful diseases, such as malaria. I will skip ahead so this won’t be incredibly long, but should you want to fill some gaps and/or learn more about this you can google it yourself. So, anyway, thanks to Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, DDT was banned. Her claim? Oh, my, the BIRDS are dieing, DDT is thinning the shells, they are going to go extinct!!!! The real picture? So what! Yes, DDT has been found to be one of the causes for the egg thinning which may have lead to the extiction (I cannot spell) of our national bird, but think of the bigger picture. yeah, I know you have no idea what I am blabbing about, so let me explain why DDT was GOOD… Back in the day before DDT, malaria cases in Sri Lanka alone were 2.8. million. Once they started using DDT…. 17 cases. Yeah, HUGE difference. Then the EPA came up with some probable human side affects, which granted may be caused by DDT, but wasn’t and still hasn’t been proven. Once DDT was banned the death toll of malaria in Third World countries skyrocketed to 8.2 MILLION people. All this over a damn bird. There’s a quote about this that I love that says that the ban on DDT has killed more people than Hilter. Isn’t it sickening. And not only is it not used here in America anymore but the EPA has banned it from any country receiving aid from America. If that doesn’t spell blackmail I don’t know what does. Let’s see… use DDT and starve to death from lack of the resources you rely on us for, or don’t use DDT and listen to your childern die. Don’t get me wrong, I love America, but how can the EPA force their ideal environmental purity on people who cannot even afford to eat. Well, that’s all for now. I will most likely rant and rave some more later.


12 Responses to “Bird Populations flourish; millions die”

  1. elmo76544 said

    I think animal life is much more important than human life…oh wait, I’m not a PETA memeber.

  2. Alec said

    Animals rule. humans are too stupid to know what to do with the earth. Look at this website…

  3. yunahalo said

    why are you talking to me. Don’t you get it? I hate you.

  4. yunahalo said

    this is nikke under Sarah’s name, not that it matters

  5. Alec said

    You hate me because I made a joke about someones car. *starts novel*

  6. yunahalo said

    C-A-N Y-O-U N-O-T R-E-A-D? We hate you for many other reasons… like YOU SAYING CRAP ABOUT NIKKE’S FAMILY.

  7. Alec said

    What did it all start over Sarah. You have more than taken this too far. There are others who aggree too. *im on chapter 2 now*..

  8. yunahalo said


  9. Alec said

    Why are you stlll carryng on with this. It’s more funny than angering now…lol.

  10. Marlene said

    DDT is not banned in the U.S., although it’s use has been restricted to human health emergencies. If at some point in the future, malaria again surfaced as a problem in the U.S., DDT’s use could be reintroduced. And, the EPA only regulates pesticide use in the U.S. In many countries where mosquitoes are a serious human health issue, DDT is still being used. However, the understanding the these countries have (thanks to U.S. scientists) of the dangers to birds, other wildlife, and people, have led them to use DDT in a more targeted and responsible manner. The idea that environmentalists would choose to let millions of people die to protect birds is naive. And, to think that people differ enough biologically from all other living things and, therefore, aren’t subject to similar harm from DDT and other pesticides is ignorant and dangerous. It is all about balance. We must weigh each decision we make as to its benefits and costs and, when we aren’t sure of the costs, use caution in our decision-making. It is for the health and safety of all living things. You and I included.

  11. ekkin said

    I am not worried about it being banned here and yes it is still being used in some countries, but not in countries that are recieving American aid. Read the passage before commenting.

  12. yunahalo said

    Nikke, come see what some idiot wrote on Tally’s blog…

    I know you’re gonna wanna get them :)

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