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Who killed Anna?

Posted by ekkin on Friday, February 9, 2007

Okay, so MAYBE she died from natural causes, but isn’t that what they first said about her son? And the two deaths seem eerily similar. So, who was present at Daniel’s death and most likely present at hers?… I say it was the Attorney in the hotel room with the drugs. I totally just won Clue. Not that this is a joke, it’s not funny. Think about it. If Anna died, her money would go to Daniel, right? So get rid of him first (after you know that YOUR baby is born and safe). So with Daniel gone, who is going to inherit Anna’s money? The baby…. With all the scandal surrounding that, her death could also point to her ex-boyfriend who claims to be the father as well. Both of these men stand to inherit money through their daughter. But I still say it’s the Attorney, he was there when Daniel died after taking pills a “family friend” gave him. Think about it.


3 Responses to “Who killed Anna?”

  1. […] Nikke and I were discussing this entire incident on the phone earlier, leaving Nikke to post this with our combined detective skills. I’m not much on conspiracy theories, but this is just too […]

  2. Jesus. It’s so strange!

  3. ekkin said

    I know, right?

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