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Alec, you suck and I hate you

Posted by ekkin on Friday, February 9, 2007

I am tired of Alec. Everyone who knows him, most likely agrees. You are a pervert and a liar. You have military friends that are going to beat up my cousin, Cody? I have a military husband who is going to punch you in the face if you ever IM me about how drinking sperm is good for you. What in the Hell were you thinking? That I, a MOTHER and WIFE, would think that was funny? Did you think my husband would appreciate that, huh? I bet you didn’t think at all, must be all those drugs you brag about taking all the time. You make sexual comments to other people (who will remain unnamed because I don’t want to disrespect anyone here) about how you want to rape them in the woods or stupid comments about their breasts. Guess what, THEY DON’T LIKE YOU!!!!!!! Get over it. Then you bash my new car because it broke down (and got fixed for free, may I add). And try to make me feel bad because YOU paid for your car (which probably costs 3,000), HELLO I am MARRIED. That’s what happens. Of course my husband pays for our car, he’s the one that works. I stay at home with my baby and there’s NOTHING wrong with that. Then you try to claim that you make thousands of dollars working at Papa Johns. You freaking loser. There’s no way. Don’t be mad because I can go shopping whenever I want and you have to steal food from your work to survive. Not that you should be allowed to cook if you had the money to do so, I saw that picture of your supper on your blog, I wanted to BARF! And as far as your job being more important than my husband’s you wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for what my husband and the military does for you. And I lied the other day about not seeing what happened that night. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Because if my penis was so small that it could fit in a car lighter outlet, I would kill myself. Not that you will, you have to have someone do that for you right? Since you are too chicken to do it yourself. Freak.


8 Responses to “Alec, you suck and I hate you”

  1. Alec said

    I dont work at Papa Johns. I was using this as an example. MY average is 20-60 dollars a night in tips and comission. which more than pays my BILLS. It also allows me to buy food that I can turn into edible dishes. Really edible I might add. AND FYI I have 300 dollars put away and 40 in my pocket. And Im getting paid AGAIN in a week and probably making at least 40 more tomorrow. And yes you can make a thousand or so a month if you work at Papa Johns or pizza hut. Ask people. And as around for my penis size if you care to know. Im not “drugged out” enough to post it.

  2. Alec said

    With ths I’m going to be mature and stop bikering. Unless ya’ll are so childish as to say bullshit on an internet blog. If you have a problem, call me, talk to me over IM phone or whatnot…instead of posting over an INTERNET blog.

  3. yunahalo said

    Let’s see…
    1. Your cooking SUCKS
    2. Now you are saying ‘And yes you can make a thousand or so a month’… what happened to ‘Making thousands a month’?
    3. And what happened to ‘makng up to 100 dollars a night’… you make ’20-60 dollars a night’.
    4. Who in this WORLD would we ask about your penis size? Your mom doesn’t count.

    Alec, you are such a fucking idiot… this didn’t start because you said something about Nikke’s car, this started when you said something about Nikke’s FAMILY.

    Nikke, HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!@!@!#@!@!!!! Alec has been PWN3D.

  4. Alec said

    Again I was using this as an EXAMPLE of making a hundred or so a night. This is not what I made. As I will say again makng 100 was an EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE. Oh yea, I used an inconstency in my typing….oh noesssss!!!!! The world will end in fire now. love people who just make it theur life to LOOK for stuff to pick out and use. And I mean LOOK. I dont think my mom has seen that. A few girls have and lked it…:). And Im not gonna say anything about promisciouty and such. Ill get back with you on that later Sarah. And dont forget about the Supra with the bolt in Tundra engine…Why are yall making me start stuff. I said I was going to be mature about this but people dont have balls to talk shit anywhere but a blog. LOL I lov3 th3 1nt3rn37….

  5. yunahalo said

    Why can’t you make an EXAMPLE of your own expericences? Your numbers are made up, unless you are talking about some hot girl living in LA or something…

  6. Alec said

    Maybe I am. Maybe Im just fucking insane. In terms of ME. I earn 20-60 dollars a night depending on how long I work, how many deliveries I have, how many hot chicks I deliver to etc…Apparently all the hot girls I encounter tip well…:). I also earn the minimum wage with that. So yes, it is a decent paying job. I never said this current job pays more than the military. I was referring to whatever job I will have when graduate. If graduate any time within the next century. Fuck, Ill probably be workng in Starbucks or something. Whatever. I suck and need to die. Fuck it.

  7. ekkin said

    yep. And Alec, hot girls tip because you scare them

  8. Alec said

    I still get the tip. And thats sexy. And you need tocome up with new material…

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