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What else can happen?

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, February 8, 2007

okay, these past few days have sucked so bad. First my car (brand new) breaks down and we are stranded on Super Bowl Sunday in the middle of nowhere. Have to pay $125 for towing and a hotel room. We ride to Houston in a single cab truck with me in Lee’s lap. Finally get a rental car that WE have to pay $250 for. It takes us almost an hour to get out of Houston due to accidents. Get home and our dog had escaped. Went to get her on Tuesday and got yelled out and called bad people because we let her get away (sorry our car died, asshole). I wake up this morning to find my gerbil, Jorge, who we have had for over a year, dead. Then I go to mail something and pick Lee up lunch off base, and the damn security at the gate wouldn’t let me back on base because apparently family members aren’t allowed to have rental cars on base. So I had to wait for almost an hour for Lee to find someone to pick him and Grace up and come to the gate to get me. When we got home Molly had shredded almost everything in our living room. WHAT ELSE CAN HAPPEN!!!!!!

Oh, and I found out yesterday that I have to take my FRG website down because it has to approved through DoD!!!!


2 Responses to “What else can happen?”

  1. yunahalo said

    Well, you haven’t exploded yet… So I guess that’s a good thing! :) If you’re bored later, we should chat on Neopets and make little kids cry. :)

  2. ekkin said

    I have never done that, that would be fun… how in the Hell do you chat on Neopets and what is your username?

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