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worst trip ever

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, February 6, 2007

SUCKS! We left Sunday morning and just got home! Our brand new car died and then we had to wait until morning to have it towed to Houston. We had to ride with the tow truck guy in a single cab, with me in Lee’s lap for an hour to get there. Then we finally got a rental car that WE have to pay for because our insurance only covers rentals if we get into a wreck, which is gay. Then the two fastest ways out of Houston were blocked by wrecks so we had to go way out of our way. Once we got home we found out that animal services took Molly this morning. We think she escaped, but of course she wouldn’t have if we had been home on time. Also Lee had to watch the Super Bowl without any of his friends, because, of course we had to cancel the party. At least the Colts won!!!!!! YEA!!!!! Anyway, lots of stories, but I am freaking TIRED!


12 Responses to “worst trip ever”

  1. Alec said

    I thought your NEW 2006 Sentra owned my car many times. I had ONE problem with it. And that was because I had too much power running to my amp and the altenator couldnt handle it…bahahahaha.

  2. ekkin said

    shut up, who freaking cares? It’s getting fixed for free and I am driving a even more awesome car until it does, so eat that.

  3. yunahalo said

    Alec is a douche…

  4. yunahalo said

    There you go… hopefully this doesn’t post twice…. The computer messed up.

  5. Alec said

    I cant help it if older cars are made better. :)

  6. ekkin said

    yeah you wish. You car probably looks like a piece of crap. Don’t hate just because you can’t afford a new car on your delivery boy salary. Some people never get to drive a new car, so since you never will, I’ll just tell you now. IT’S AWESOME. I am driving a 2007 Hyundai Azera right now. Something you will never touch. So suck on that. …I hate you

  7. Alec said

    Yea, delivery people are so poor makng up to 100 dollars a night doing part timework…so poor…Yea.Making thousands a month at Papa Johns is just shuddering in poverty. You are so much better because your car is new. At least I PAY for mine. Oh, and I may be selling it to get a pathfinder or frontier. So yea. And Hyundai’s are just about as bad as Kias. Oh, and Nikke….y0u ar3 the 1nt3rn37 Ch4mp10n…!!!!!111111oneone

  8. ekkin said

    hahaha, yeah a $28,000 car is comparable to a $8,000 kia? And you make thousands of dollars? You are a liar and a loser. You are just jealous. I didn’t have to pay for my car because I am married and I choose to stay at home with my baby. Your salary will never touch what my husband’s is and you will never earn near as much respect delivering pizzas. I am sure some people make tips @ $100 a night doing your job, but most of the tips you get are probably from people who just want you to go away and not murder them because they think you are creepy. Don’t be mad at me because I have someone who loves me and you can’t even get a girl to return your phone calls (and text messages, and voice messages, and we all know you probably wait for her after her classes….) Freak.

  9. Alec said

    Yea. At least I didnt get knocked up BEFORE marriage.

  10. Alec said

    And as I said. Im probably going to be makng a lot more doing a cause that’s actually HAS meaning. Idiot…

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  12. yunahalo said

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