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College will never happen!

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have to drop my classes AGAIN since moving to Fort Hood. Some stupid crap with my social security card. I have to wait until August now! That means my one semester break has now turned into a year and a half. I am never going to go back until I am……..50! It makes me so mad. And with my luck I’ll sign up for courses in August and get pregnant again and only be able to complete one semester. Which would put my three years away from my degree. It sucks.


One Response to “College will never happen!”

  1. nirveda said

    heyya..take it easy,be happy…but i like your perseverance..when many gals are getting excited abt marital life,kids,etc seem to be different..good the meantime why don’t you pursue something productive/vocational..i knw its an unsolicited advice…but couldn’t help..bye,all the best

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