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Raping Dakota Fanning of Dignity

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, January 25, 2007

For all those who are like me and just heard about this, I am somewhat indifferent. Apparently, Dakota Fanning is in a new movie where her character gets raped. The rape scence was described as poorly lit and you couldn’t see anything but her face and hands. No one will buy the movie to produce it. I’m slightly disturbed that they let a 12 year old do such a thing, I hope Grace doesn’t know what rape is at that age and NEVER experiences it, Faked or not. But on the other had, the girl who did the Exorcist was 14 (Or around that age) when she cursed the Lord and masturbated with a crucifix. I think the movies should respect these kid’s innocence. I know Drew Barrymore was snorting coke and drinking at age 11 because of the lifstyle. These children are not props, they are human beings who have been sucked into a world that teaches them to grow up way too fast. What is going to happen to Dakota? Drugs, drinking? Has hollywood so scarred her now that she won’t ever be able to be a kid again? After real victims are raped, they change, who is to say that faking one won’t do the same to her? Where to FUCK were her parents? Are they so money hungry that they would let their daughter do this without any thought to how she may feel later? Hollywood makes me sick. But then again it’s just a movie, right? Have you seen The Hills have Eyes? I watched it when I was pregnant, and I would NEVER reccommend that to anyone. There is a BRUTAL rape scene between a mutant man and a mother of a three month old who is screaming in her crib. And then they kill the mother and steal the baby. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wanted to scream. Why do they make movies like this? Because they know that we will watch them. What are we becoming?


One Response to “Raping Dakota Fanning of Dignity”

  1. Gil T said

    I posted most of this elsewhere early this morning.

    I have not seen the movie. I’m a rare movie-goer and my viewing of it would be more of a happen-stance. It appears (I do not know for a fact) Dakota Fanning is a mature, young, little girl not a young woman as she is often described. I understand and accept the burden and responsibility of the imperative to “judge not”;
    _ it is, do not be hasty in your judgments.

    I do not condemn Dakota or her family. It is a personal decision and guidance by both. There are some things I am made to wonder
    about the “outrage”. Where is the “outrage” for the screen depictions of murder and robbery in other movies? When
    did those become alright for viewing by all including children? Where was the “outrage” in Bastard out of Carolina?

    This “outrage” is one of great selectivity and it panders to the desired outcome; profit on the one hand and voyeurism on the other.
    Lets be, with all the talk of being “adult” and “realistic” when we espouse the addage that “these things need to be talked about”, mindful
    of who feeds at that trough.

    Yes, it is a movie. Yes, it is good acting, “movie magic” and an “important topic”. We buy into and sell out on the
    educational quality byline to justify movie content such as this. Can there possibly be a parent, or any sensible
    adult out there, who would allow children of comparable age or an adult and child acting out a rape in their home,
    “just to teach” him/her about rape? Yes, children are not naive about sex, rape, drugs, but that’s a superficial, clinical, six o’clock
    news variety knowledge and not necessarily an understanding of the scars (they outlast the hurt) these can incur on an indivdual.

    You may think this a stretch, but hear me out. Saddam Hussein has been judged and he is gone from his world.
    How many people felt a need to view the execution online? It’s a reality of life. How many thought nothing that a child, as
    well as any adult, could view the hanging online with the justification that, “it’s justice”? There were some who saw it some who didn’t among those little boys
    who hanged themselves not fully understanding the meaning and consequences of certain actions to their own peril.
    How much more perverse are they who view the movie, not for the rape, but for the “director’s great work”, or
    “an excellent handling of a controversial topic”, then those who view a hanging be it for it “historical significance”,
    its “lesson on justice”?

    As I have read, the movie is based on director Deborah Kampmeier’s own life story. As I see it, Dakota and cast are just
    so many people helping her tell her story, select portions of her life experience at that. I got laughter the first time
    I soloed my rape story (it’s not limited to little girls) sixteen years after the fact.

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