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licking balls is popular

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, January 25, 2007

Okay, I wanted to see how many times “lick my balls” was on my search words since I started my blogs because I get them almost EVERYDAY, but wordpress will only let me go back 7 days. So in the last seven days “lick my balls” was searched on my blog 16 times! OMG! I haven’t looked, but I think for the past week it is my most searched term. Geez….

Check back later on tonight or tomorrow for my horrific tale of being malested in a dressing room by an overzealous salesWOMAN that REALLY happened to me yesterday!


2 Responses to “licking balls is popular”

  1. parasol said

    16 people want you to lick their balls.

  2. ekkin said

    I know, I should charge, right?

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