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Why my refrigerator is better that yours!

Posted by ekkin on Monday, January 22, 2007

Yeah it is awesome, so deal with it. Ok… Here is the front of my fridge…..

Here’s the pictures left to right. My Mommy (!!!!!!!) and Grace, a picture of the intersection of Grace and Elmore in Indiana (and yes it exists, Lee Grandparents live off of Elmore…I saw this while I was pregnant and then I decided to stick with Grace), (up) my in-laws with Grace, (down) Me and Lee with Grace, Lee and Grace when she was little bitty, and Charlie the dog, Lee’s parents beagle…..

Here’s what is on TOP of my fridge….

No explanation needed, it’s just awesome.

And on the side…

My neice Vanessa’s work of art.

Lee’s brother Shane’s Thanksgiving picture (and yes that’s his head pasted on the turkey’s.

Vanessa again!

So that’s why my fridge kicks ass!

Also in the first pic, the Alphabet magnets, they totally add 50+ points of coolness on their own. GET SOME!


2 Responses to “Why my refrigerator is better that yours!”

  1. yunahalo said

    My refrigerator pees on the floor. That is all.

  2. Alec said

    Yes good old cuervo. 1800 costs 5 dollars more a bottle and is better than that cheaply made swill. :D

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