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So freaking AWESOME!!!

Posted by ekkin on Saturday, January 20, 2007

I am going on a shopping spree tomorrow!!!! We are getting our income tax return check in the morning for $3500!!! And sometime, hopefully next week, the Army is giving us a back pay check for $1700!!!! And guess how much I am gonna spend on little old me? $1000!!!!! New clothes for me, yea!!!!!!! It’s okay to be jealous…I am jealous of myself right now! Too bad all my new clothes will have to be fat clothes, since I still need to lose 15lbs!! But I am still sexy, so suck it!

I am in such a good mood!!!! Oh and Grace now has TWO teeth coming in!


13 Responses to “So freaking AWESOME!!!”

  1. yunahalo said

    Awww, awesome! But I am teh more sexy. Duh.

  2. ekkin said

    I am so sexy, it’s almost unbelievable!
    Hehe, whatever I am a fugly be-otch.
    Maybe I’ll buy plastic surgery with my money instead.

  3. ekkin said

    your hubby talks too much on the phone!

  4. yunahalo said

    I know, but now Cody is talking to ihbe on the phone… they are gonna get married, or at least that’s what they say!

  5. yunahalo said

    It’s offical…

  6. ekkin said

    uh huh. That’s a joke right?

  7. yunahalo said

    Nope, it’s real. Hurray!

    I think it’s the first international internet phone proposal.


  8. ekkin said

    oh my… your family is crazy… at least he’ll be in europe with your mom
    they should have a double wedding

  9. yunahalo said

    That would be sweet. :)

  10. yunahalo said

    Hey, call back! Cody was still on the phone and didn’t click over in time…

  11. matt said

    lol congrats on all that money.

  12. Hey ekkin: I need you to be in mah wedding too! Can you be second maid of honour? Yay!

  13. ekkin said

    uh huh. I don’t fly though, so I better get started now, lol. Though I don’t swim very well either…

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